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Pancreas Surgery in Ahmedabad

Dr. Ishan Shah is a distinguished pancreas specialist in Ahmedabad, renowned for expertise and compassionate care. With extensive experience, he is committed to providing comprehensive and personalized treatment for various pancreas conditions.


A vital organ involved in digestion and hormone regulation, the pancreas plays a crucial role in maintaining overall health.

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Dr. Ishan Shah - Best Gastro Surgeon in Ahmedabad

Dr. Ishan Shah, a distinguished Gastroenterologist Specialist Surgeon, is widely acclaimed for his expertise in gastroenterology. Over 7 years of professional experience, Dr. Shah consistently provides exceptional care to patients in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and beyond. His unwavering commitment to patient well-being has led to the successful treatment of thousands.
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Dr. Ishan Shah

Happy Healing Story

Dr. Ishan Shah's detailed consultation eased my pancreatic worries. His tailored advice and empathy made a significant difference.

Tanvi Patel

Thanks to Dr. Ishan Shah's precise surgery, my pancreatic issues are history. Grateful for his skillful hands and caring approach.

Rajiv Malhotra

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Frequently Asked Questions

Disorders include pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, cysts, and diabetes. Consultation aids accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment.
Limit alcohol intake, maintain a healthy weight, and manage conditions like gallstones to reduce pancreatitis risk.
Recovery varies, factors include surgery type and patient health. Dr. Ishan Shah provides personalized recovery guidance post-surgery.