Liver Transplant Surgery in Ahmedabad

Dr. Ishan Shah is a distinguished liver transplant specialist in Ahmedabad, known for expertise and compassionate care. With extensive experience, he is committed to providing comprehensive and personalized treatment for liver transplantation.

Liver Transplantation

A complex surgical procedure where a damaged or diseased liver is replaced with a healthy liver from a donor, often a deceased or living individual.

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Dr. Ishan Shah - Best Gastro Surgeon in Ahmedabad

Dr. Ishan Shah, a distinguished Gastroenterologist Specialist Surgeon, is widely acclaimed for his expertise in gastroenterology. Over 7 years of professional experience, Dr. Shah consistently provides exceptional care to patients in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and beyond. His unwavering commitment to patient well-being has led to the successful treatment of thousands.
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Dr. Ishan Shah

Happy Healing Story

Life-saving liver transplant by Dr. Ishan Shah for my mother. Grateful for his expertise, compassion, and support throughout the journey.

Aditi Verma

Dr. Ishan Shah's liver transplantation expertise transformed my life. Grateful for his skill, dedication, and ongoing care.

Anand Kapoor

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Frequently Asked Questions

Recovery varies but generally takes several weeks to months. Dr. Ishan Shah provides personalized recovery guidance.
Candidates have severe liver disease. Evaluation by Dr. Ishan Shah determines eligibility based on individual health and circumstances.
Yes, risks include infection, rejection, and complications. Dr. Ishan Shah discusses potential risks during the pre-transplant evaluation.