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Liver Surgery in Ahmedabad

Liver Surgeries are very complex and require certain level of experience. In Surgical field its a most dangerous area to enter. However, with proper technique and management recovery is usually smooth and uneventful.

There are many problems related to liver and majority of them requires biochemical and imaging work up. Usually with CT/MRI scan of abdomen liver lesion is diagnosed and further treatment depends on type of lesion and other factors.

1. Liver cirrhosis - requires supportive management usually and in last stage live transplant may be considered.
2. Liver abscess/ hydatid cyst - treatment is aspiration or percutaneous tube placement with medical management in abscess while in hydatid cyst different treatment options are there for various stages of cyst.
3. Liver Cancer - Multi modality management is required.
4. Liver Metastasis - Unlike traditional approach, newer research has shown with metastasis also liver resection and resection of primary is possible and safe. Plan of treatment depends on type of primary and load of metastasis.
5. Portal Hypertension - Different type of shunt surgery can be performed in these patients.
6. EHPVO/NCPF - Extra hepatic venous obstruction/ non cirrhotic portal fibrosis is a disorder in which surgery is a one step - permanent solution. long term outcome of such patients are good.

Liver Treatment

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