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Esophagus Surgery in Ahmedabad

Esophagus is a food pipe that carries food or liquid from mouth to stomach.

There are many Esophageal diseases requires surgery as treatment including cancer.

Commonly encountered problems:

1. Motility Disorder (including Achalasia cardia)- treatment depends on different types.
2. Corrosive Injury - Accidental or suicidal ingestion of acid/alkali where new food pipe is created by stomach or colon.
3. Gastro - Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)- in long standing medically intractable cases new valve can be surgically created to prevent reflux. Results are very good provided proper case selection is done. surgery is known as a Laparoscopic fundoplication.
4. Barret Esophagus - treatment depends varies from endoscopic to surgical.
5. Diverticulas - these are muscular out pouching, may require surgery in some cases.
6. Paraesophageal Hernias - very rare but often problematic, require surgical procedure usually done laparoscopically.
7. Cancer - One of leading cause of death. With multidisciplinary approach cancer treatment is possible & effective. New food pipe is created by stomach or colon. Post operatively with minor adjustments overall quality of life remains good.

esophagus surgery in ahmedabad

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