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Don't ignore gall stones....!!

Don’t ignore gall stones....!!

Don’t ignore gall stones....!!

This 55 year old gentleman had an abdominal pain while he was at work.

He knew that he has gall stones since 5 years, some of the doctors also suggested him to get it removed.

Somehow his ignorance has led him to most dangerous complication of

Gall stones - the rupture of gall bladder

He presented to us with rupture of gall bladder with all digestive juice moving in abdominal cavity, fortunately 4 hours of complicated operation saved his life. See the emotions of his family at the time of discharge from hospital ( 5 days of ICU and 6 days of room stay)

He was also feeling that removal of gall bladder will lead to indigestion, gas, bloating. He will have to restrict his diet and activities.

THIS MYTHS has led him and his family not to choose operation. Simple operation of 45 minutes and hardly one day stay ———> ended in this much sufferings.

I believe anyone having gall stones should meet experts, proper counselling and discussions regarding there questions can avoid such unfortunate incidents.

Don’t ignore gall stones....!!

Dr. Ishan shah

MS (General surgery)
DNB (Gastrointestinal surgery)

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