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Biliary Surgery in Ahmedabad

Biliary System transfer bile from liver to small bowel which is required for digestion of food.

Biliary Tract Disorders is a state of failure of the bile ducts of the liver. A bile duct takes bile juice Bile or gall is dark green to yellowish-brown fluid, produced by the liver of the most vertebrates that helps the digestion of lipids in the little intestine. Bile is the fluid produced by the liver that serves in food digestion. It treats to get rid of worn-out red blood cells, cholesterol, and vapors from the body.

Following are the list of problem which requires surgery:

1. Stone - Usually with Endoscopic approach it can be removed. In selected group of patients where its not possible or failure or affordability is an issue, Laparoscopic or Open Surgery can be done.
2. Cancer - Cancer of biliary system is known as a cholangiocarcinoma. Treatment include removal of part of liver with resection of extra Hepatic Biliary system.
3. Other problems like Parasite, Choledochal Cyst, Benign Tumor can also be treated with surgery.

biliary surgery in ahmedabad

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